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The statistics can be a little alarming - from less than one in 10,000 children diagnosed only twenty years ago, to more than in every 150 children born today. 

It shows no favourites in terms of geography,ethnicity, or social status, but it is 4 times more prevalent in boys than girls. ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder affects families across this country, and the stress and anxiety level in families of autism can be intense. 

One significant contributing factor is the constant concern around
'wandering'. Individuals with ASD can display a tendency to wander or run
away from caregivers. 

"Even if it has never happened, the first time is not
the time to be finding out you are unprepared. A few simple steps can have
such a massive effect on outcomes and stress levels for all concerned." -
Dr. Deborah Barrett, Autism Society Edmonton Area (ASEA).

Enter EYEZ-ON...

The EZ-100 from EYEZ-ON gives families of wandering special needs children
added peace of mind and the confidence to engage in activities and
adventures with the whole family. 

With geo-fence capability to notify you immediately when the wearer leaves a
designated area, to the 'Find Me' button for when they become frightened or
disoriented, to the simple and intuitive web interface allowing caregivers
to view the whereabouts of a loved one from any web-enabled device (laptop,
iPhone, Blackberry...) the EZ-100 is the tool that can make the difference.


EYE-ZON - peace of mind and freedom...for life.  

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